Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fresh Produce Wholesale Software and Your Inventory Management System

Many produce distributors are still out there working and growing their business without being part of the computer age, using paper and the telephone…  However, not being computerized on the inventory management software side and also the online ordering software side is turning out to be a waste of time and resources for those same companies.  An inventory management system can efficiently keep track of all of your items and prices, and you can change them up at a moment’s notice!  Now tie that with online ordering software that is specifically designed for wholesale produce distributors, you have a distinct advantage over produce distributors without them!

There are many types and brands of inventory management software available, from Granite State Software to QuickBooks  Just about all of them work very similarly, and output an inventory file that can be used as an input to an online ordering software platform.  This file is usually comma or semi-colon delimited, and can update the online ordering software, such as Intalogix OneLink, with the distributor’s items and prices.  This is usually set up on a daily basis to update automatically with whatever changes the distributor has made over the last 24 hours, without any direct action taking place on the distributor’s end…
This is very useful since there are no extra steps to learn or master, and less for the distributor to have to manage.  Wholesale produce distributors have enough keeping them busy as it is, without having extra work placed on their shoulders!  A great online ordering software provider should cater to wholesale clients, first of all, and not to the retail crowd.  There are big differences between the two types, and it will make a difference with how you work with invoicing, customers, and price overrides. 
The right wholesale produce online ordering software will fit your business needs specifically, and not have a lot of bells and whistles that you will never need but still be required to pay for.  You should look for a company that specializes in this particular wholesale produce niche, such as Intalogix Inc.…  Intalogix is an industry leader, and its OneLink online ordering software is perfect for most small to mid-sized businesses out there, and also a great fit for larger companies!  Intalogix has been around for over 13 years and has hundreds of clients all around North America, ranging from very small to extremely large, such as “middle-man” companies that have contracts with recognizable chain restaurants to provide produce deliveries from their distributors.
Be sure to contact Intalogix and request a live demo of the OneLink online ordering software!  You will be able to view all the features and benefits of this software during an online demo where you can get all of your questions answered in real time!  OneLink is the software of choice for many produce wholesalers, and your customer support issues will be fully handled by qualified support staff, so you won’t have to!  Click on the link below and then type in your contact information when requested for a Free Demo!
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Intalogix Hires New Developer/Coder, Plus Exciting Mobile App Rolling Out Soon!

The long, hot summer is finally over, and the cooler, crisper fall air is soon coming upon us!  For some, that means a little down time to reflect on the year so far and to prepare for the holidays…  Here at Intalogix we have been hard at work with the coding and testing of our upcoming mobile application of our OneLink online ordering system, and also getting ready to delve into areas of the produce industry that could possibly use our services.
To help with this extra work and preparation, we have brought on a new Developer/Coder to our company, Jalen Underwood, who will assist us with the intense coding and testing that will be required.  We are excited about having him, and his experience and in-depth knowledge of the software development process will allow us to forge ahead with confidence and better provide our customers and clients with the service they depend on.
Hopefully many of you will be able to take some time off during these upcoming weeks or months and into the holiday season, and reflect on all the great things and blessings you and I have been provided with…  Also, take a little time out and enjoy one or two of the wonderful fall festivals or events!  As for me, fall is one of my favorite times of the year and I always enjoy the Oktoberfest season, and also an occasional pumpkin beer!

Intalogix OneLink will be here working hard to maintain and surpass our standing in the industry as we improve our software choices for the industry!  Our OneLink online ordering software customer service system is one of our hallmark products, and it benefits the wholesale produce company with empowering their customers to provide better service…